VueBLR #27 Meetup

Vue Meetup group event for India

Sangeeth Sudheer


Docker for Vue.js Developers

Submitted May 22, 2020

We’ll see how Docker and containers can help run our entire Vue.js development pipeline as well as replicate our production system regardless of what OS you prefer to use.


Even though this is an overused template for a title, Containers and Docker in particular can help the modern front-end development team to avoid a lot of the common pain-points introduced by the various tooling we utilize for development and production. We’ll see how we can run our Vue.js dev setup on containers and have a consistent working environment regardless of the OS your fellow front-end dev prefers, and we’ll see how it can also help us to bundle and deploy our application whilst allowing us to replicate that exact same production config on our dev machines. We’ll see that with one command, we can have our whole stack up and running and not have to worry about what to copy, or what command to execute.

Speaker bio

Front-end developer at Flock, avid gamer, hardcore MSFT fan, geeks out on tech stuff.


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