Society track of The Goa Project 2016

Malaika Vaz


The power of adventure sport in democratizing changemaking in rural India.

Submitted Jan 15, 2016

The objective of this session is for the audience to get a better understanding of non-conventional methods of social entrepreneurship, focusing especially on adventure sport.

Through the session, I will emphasize how important transformation experiences in the outdoors are to empowering vulnerable communities. I will focus on how we need to ensure that the next generation of changemakers come from a range of different social backgrounds, to maximise impact.


Kriyā: Empowerment through Action, is a youth-led organisation that works with women victims of sexual and domestic violence, underprivileged teenage girls and criminally-labelled tribal communities, through an immersive adventure sport and outdoor education program. After a year of training with us, our Kriyā Ambassadors embark on a month long challenging expedition to the Indian Himalayas. Inspired, they have come back to take on leadership positions in their homes, workplaces, communities and even politically. Thus creating a powerful Kriyā ripple effect.

This summer, our Kriyā Ambassadors climbed mountains at 6000+ meters to successfully raise money for Nepali Sherpa communities that were devastated by the earthquake in the region.This summer they will climb the mighty Himalayas again, smashing self and societally imposed limitations.

Speaker bio

Represents India in windsurfing. India’s youngest certified pilot. World’s youngest explorer to the Antarctic and the Arctic. Pro-planet Ambassador for Woodland and Brand Ambassador for Swiss Army Knife company Victorinox. Environmentalist, Natural History Filmmaker and writer. Social entrepreneur.


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