Society track of The Goa Project 2016

Yogesh Upadhyaya


Going beyond Modi / Anti Modi / Bhakt / Sickular / AAPTARD

Submitted Jan 15, 2016

Political discussion in India is most of the times just name calling. Many important issues are either discussed in a good versus evil framework or are not discussed at all. AskHow India has a simple hack to change the tone and content of such conversations!


When we focus on who is responsible for a problem, we focus on the differences in our positions. We marshal arguments to support our position that ‘your guy’ is responsible for the sorry state of affairs and ‘my guy’ will fix it. However, if we start discussing how the problem could be solved we realize that the differences in our position are much lesser than we imagine. More importantly the discussion is positive and constructive rather than acrimonious.


Enthusiasm and positive attitude.

Speaker bio

I am a founder of AskHow India. We work towards improving the quality of public debate in India. We do this by simplifying and de-mystifying complex policy issues such as women’s security, sanitation, inflation and many others!

Before AskHow, I co-founded and successfully exited a software product company. Our company was market leader in funds and wealth management products with companies like HDFC, HSBC and Templeton as our clients.

I am also an ensemble performer with Improv Comedy Mumbai, the premier Improv Theater group in the country. I have performed in scores of shows with ICM across the country.

My detailed profile can be found at Linked In.



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