Society track of The Goa Project 2016

Dayanand prabhu


Guns, Germs And Steel. Let's Talk Evolution.

Submitted Jan 6, 2016

Evolution by natural selection is an often misunderstood topic with many people ignoring the simplistic beauty of the process. This talk aims at kindling an interest in evolution from where attendees can explore further books and topics.


When the Spanish conquistadors came to new world they had an army of 168! 106 foot soldiers and 62 on horses. The Incas on the other hand had 30 thousand Soldiers! how did the Spanish manage to capture the Inca king and colonize an entire empire? And how is it even related to Evolution? Well directly nothing. But if we approach this scenario from the wider lens of how the process of evolution works we arrive at a new set of eyes for looking at life and everything else. It is strange how everything from ecology to geoglogy to Human culture is all related and how Darwins Natural selection let us look at life in grand unified way.

Speaker bio

A Programmer by profession, I spend most of my free time reading or travelling. I stumbled on ‘Natural Selection’ through a book and since then have read dozens of books trying to make sense and relate the process of evolution to everything happening around us.


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