Society track of The Goa Project 2016

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Bitcoin and Blockchain for Public Transparency and Accountability in India


Aditya Dev Sood


To create a community of people interested is using bitcoin and blockchain to promote citizen participation and transparent transactions in India.


A quick intro to bitcoin and blockchain will be followed by a series of public use cases from around the world. We will try to mine bitcoin together on the day. Ideation on possible India applications will lead to participants pledging future time to collaborate and explore future deployments in different sectors.


  1. Should have an interest in public action and citizen participation.
  2. Should have heard of bitcoin and blockchain.

Speaker bio

Aditya Dev Sood has worked all around the edges of technology, design and the public good for almost two decades, in Bangalore and then in Delhi. He believes in people and a better theory of State.

Aditya also runs the Vihara Innovation Network and Startup Tunnel.