Society track of The Goa Project 2016

Akshat Singhal


Building 21st century skills through service learning

Submitted Jan 17, 2016

At the end of the session, I expect you to have an understanding of ‘service learning’ and how it is used to build skills required in 21st century and at the same time solve social problems.


World Economic Forum’s recent report on Education speaks about 16 skills that will be required in 21st century. A lot of countries are way behind in developing these skills including India.

The presentation will speak about how we at The Blue Ribbon Movement are building these skills through ‘service learning’ - a format which combines classroom training with community project.I will talk about how we have successfully integrated ‘learning’ component to build leadership among young people. We have been able to run our programs at scale by plugging into existing educational institutions and have reached out to 12000+ school girls and college students.

I will use stories, pictures and slides to share about this topic.


Some expectations that I wish to deliver on.

Speaker bio

Born in Garhmukteswhar (a small village in UP) in a big family and brought up in Mumbai - I have had exposure to various social issues which lead me to found The Blue Ribbon Movement - a social enterprise that provdes leadership education. I have been invloved in conceptualising and executing our grassroot programs which are based on ‘service learning’ model. I have a background of initiating failed start ups (At ideation level), working with corporates, social sector and my family business. That apart, I love travelling and engaging in adventure sports (have cycled down to Goa from Mumbai). As a Global Shaper, I was also selected by World Economic Forum to represent India at the Annual Meeting at Davos in 2014.


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