Performing Arts

The Performing Arts track of The Goa Project 2016

Vijay Marur


Performing for Free

Submitted Jan 7, 2016

Performing Arts, whether Music or Drama or even Dance are dying because of a lack of platforms. And this is happening because the Arts have been monetised and the lack of spontaneous financial support means lesser and lesser performances. Remove the financial angle and the arts will have no shortage of platforms. If we can form a community of performers who are committed to perform without monetary expectations, we can make the country more vibrant and more cultural.


Is it perhaps the Event Manager and the huge margins of profit he expects that has made many a performing art a near extinct option? If we can identify platforms that expect less and give more, we can create a fabric where artists travel around the country with their performances. And get exposure, get experience and get noticed.

Is there scope for increasing the opportunities for Performing Arts by unlocking the potential of the free show?


Participants can either be performers themselves or people who love performing arts and regret the shortage of performances around the country.

Speaker bio

I am a Communications Professional, an actor, a writer, a music lover and a provider of platforms looking to take my experience forward and thereby reach out to cross cultural audiences. I have used my communication skills and my performances to create a significant if not substantial audience. The Little Theatre Hyderabad is recognised as the simple most facility that brings literature close to audiences literally for free. The Gallery Cafe is a new Coffee Shop initiative that tailors its ambience to provide an environment conducive to art, music and theatrical performances. I have, as they say, Proof of Concept. And would love to engage with like minded thinkers who want arts and performances…at no cost…not at any cost.



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