Performing Arts

The Performing Arts track of The Goa Project 2016

Baile -de- Salón


Argentine Tango

Submitted Jan 6, 2016

Argentine Tango is one of the oldest social dances. It has a great combination of elegance and sensuality.

Apart from introducing the participants to the dance form, the idea is to improve partnering and connection. How we can have a conversation without talking.


We will start out with understanding the basic caminada (walking pattern) for Tango. Explain the lead and follow for the basics with cognitive understanding (Soltada). Cambio de dereccion (Manoeuvrability). Small patterns to end the sessions on a happy note.


Formal shoes for the men and sandals for women. (not compulsory)

Speaker bio

I’ve been teaching Latin Dancing for the past 7 years under the banner of Baile de Salon. Took the plunge after working in Investment Banking for 3 years after b-school.

I stumbled in to a dance class as an apprehensive non dancer at the age of 23. Pursued dancing for a couple of years with work, till I realised I had already found what makes me happy.



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