Performing Arts

The Performing Arts track of The Goa Project 2016

Vikram Badhwar


Falun Gong

Submitted Dec 28, 2015

To share the five exercises that are taught in Falun Gong


Qi Gong means high energy cultivation. Qi - Energy, Gong - High energy matter. Falun Gong is the highest form of Qigong available to man. It is taught free of charge everywhere in the world and comprises of 5 exercises (4 standing exercises and one sitting meditation). The first two will be shared and all 5 will be demonstrated to the participants.


The session should be conducted first thing in the morning. Ideally the first session. Wear loose clothing. Do not have consumed any intoxicant before the session.

Speaker bio

Vikram Badhwar, a versatile and multi discipline practitioner, runs a leadership and change catalyst organization called Syngrity Transformation Solutions as a partner, and 3P Securitas, a security organization. He is a qualified experiential educator, a body emotive facilitator and uses the human body and its related emotions to work with people across India, South Asia and Europe.

As a practitioner of martial systems for the last two decades, he has been able to understand the dynamics of the human body and the mind and uses the same wisdom to share with his participants.

Vikram is a par-de-excellence experiential educator – one of the best in the country. He doesn’t conform to any specific field of study. Rather his uniqueness lies in the amalgamation of the plethora of experiences and the varied disciplines that he has studied for over 2 decades.



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