Performing Arts

The Performing Arts track of The Goa Project 2016

Padma Damodaran

@padmadaran Proposing

Arts and tourism - Building a bridge between theatre/dance and Goa

Submitted Dec 26, 2015

To find ways to increase performing arts and culture presence in Goa. The objectives are to provide more venues to artists and to provide tourists and locals with more entertainment and culture beyond the party culture that is promoted the most. The ultimate aim is to promote both performing arts and cultural tourism.


Music is the soul of Goa. In recent times, visual art has made great inroads with interesting galleries being set up across the state. However, the Konkani theatre of Goa is languishing, in as much as it is stuck in a time loop, and performances from other cities are few and far between. The idea is to get a panel comprising artists from Goa, and other cities, as well as tourism officials and hospitality industry people from Goa to look at reasons for this slow growth and what can be done to cataylse change.


A love for the performing arts and a desire to effect change.

Speaker bio

I am a theatre artist based in Mumbai. In a performance in Dharamsala once, I was gobsmacked if not pleasantly surprised when I found out that 50% of the audience comprised tourists. Since then, I am looking to see how we can pull in more tourists to theatre and dance shows and showcase the wonderful talent in this country.


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