Performing Arts

The Performing Arts track of The Goa Project 2016

Deeptha Vivekanand



Submitted Jan 8, 2016

A person attending this workshop can expect to:
-Be involved and engaged in the forgotten practice of listening to stories
-Learn how to tell a story in a captivating manner
-Understand the importance and power of stories in our lives
-Pick up tips and tricks to apply storytelling in a chosen sphere


Storytelling is considered the single most powerful tool to influence, entertain and educate people, all at once. So what makes storytelling work? Why do you warm up to a well crafted story? What does it do to your brain? Why do some people tell a story better than others? How can you embrace storytelling in your life and work? These are just some of the questions that the workshop will aim to answer. It will open a window to the lost world of folklore, fable, legend and myth, where one can find solid answers to contemporary questions.


Participants need to bring with them:
-An open mind and heart
-A big pair of ears to listen well with

Speaker bio

Deeptha Vivekanand is a professional storyteller and trainer in Bangalore. Her search for alternate methods of learning led her to discover the art of storytelling. She founded a venture called Ever After in 2013 that works to harness the power of stories in education. Deeptha and her team work to create story-based learning content for educational institutions, corporate organizations and initiatves that wish to infuse their environments with stories. She has been telling stories to adults (yes, you got that right!) and children since 2008; she has also performed at the Thailand International Storytelling Festival and the Chennai Storytelling Festival in the recent past. Deeptha is also a founder member and Vice President of the Bangalore Storytelling Society.



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