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Siva Baskaran


The Role of Effects in Voice Production & Performance

Submitted Jan 11, 2016

The idea is basically imparting knowledge on the role and usage of effects in adding dynamics to voice. This ranges from singers to voice-over artists to production engineers.


Effects play a huge role in today’s music industry as it adds flavour and a different dimension to voice. most musicians often overlook this aspect though 90% of their favourite musicians use effects in their audio production to add dynamics to their vocals. Sometimes, the effects are so subtle that we hardly notice but plays a vital role in the production and mixing of vocals. I would like to share my knowledge on the same.


a Notepad should do.

Speaker bio

My name is Siva SBK and I have been an active musician in the Chennai music circuit associated with various bands. I am a singer/song-writer. I have a huge passion for singing and also doing things that stand-out from the ordinary and regular. In that line of thought, adding dynamics to my vocals have always been an interest and I started exploring this area a few years ago. I went on to learn music production from various engineers and sources and also acquriing the required gear to do the same. I will be using a TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2 to demonstrate this topic though the same concepts can be applied with various other plugins as well.

  • (can I provide these links later? I am currently working on some projects that I am yet to upload)


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