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Aditi Thirani


Being a Voice Over Artist

Submitted Dec 28, 2015

The talk will enlighten participants about the Voice Over Industry and how they use their voice in other arenas of their profession as well.


The talk will cover:
Being a artist - what it takes to becomes an artist.
How to get work - what are the opportunities and how to reach them.
Voice Skills - how voice skills are helpful in general.


Just anyone who wants to learn more about Voice Skills and wants a brief peak into the world of Voice Overs. And no having a conventionally good voice is not at all required. There is so much to being a good artist.

Speaker bio

I have been in the industry for almost 6 years. Recorded for various brands such as Axis, ICICI, Amazon, Gionee, Saavn, Samsung, Bajaj, Nutralite, Banana Bandy, Radio Netherlands, Tanishq, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Lifestyle, Benetton, etc. The list can go on. I also do sound editing and manage audio production for bigger projects. Have done Voice Directing on many occasions.



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