The Entrepreneurship related track of The Goa Project 2016

Annette Kramer


A case study in cross-disciplinary innovation: Inspiring non-experts to solve tough problems in health

Submitted Jan 13, 2016

To show how evn a large conservative corporation can create an environment for innovation when it has the right design. And it continues to improve lives, even to this day.


I was privelaged to be part of a remarkable cross-disciplinary event in San Francisco that created real solutions for patients with pulmonary disease. Few of us had heard of the disease before the event, and it was the range of thinking and expertise in so many non-medical ares that made results truly innovative. We participants became so engaged that many of us are leading our own projects globally because we were so inspired. Mark, who ran the event, will also try to be in Goa to answer questions.


The desire to be inspired and learn to create real change.

Speaker bio

Annette Kramer, PhD is a business advisor for emerging technology companies and corporate executives in leadership and communication strategies. Annette’s expertise includes teaching executives to tell their stories with impact as well as developing innovation programmes in the UK, US, Europe and Asia.

Annette began her career in the New York theatre and teaching at Brown University before turning her hand to content development in the early days of the Web. She was one of PwC’s first hires on web consulting when PW merged with C&L. After 8 years, Annette was recruited to advise an American philanthropist to build an education business in London for struggling primary schools. Annette is now considered a thought leader in innovation and leadership, perhaps most notably as the advisor to the Cambridge Centre for Social Equality and 1 of 9 Fellows at St. George’s House, Windsor Castle.

Mark Lightowler originally trained as an research chemist in England before working for several International Pharmaceutical companies in clinical development, medical affairs and marketing. Now global head of digital solutions for respiratory at Novartis he is focused on digital healthcare innovation. Seperately, he writes on the science and art of storytelling and how to make science memorable.


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