Design Track of The Goa Project 2016

khushboo hasija



Submitted Jan 12, 2016

For those who are looking to engage Youth - A presentation on emerging youth tech patterns in India


Hyperactive, Hyper-connected, Digital Crammers. These are some of qualifiers often used to describe GenZ (cohorts born in mid – 90s onwards). This generation has grown amidst the tech boom where a mobile phone was their first device or if I can say their first toy. And, if we look at India with the world’s largest youth population, the youth spends over 2 hours on their mobile phones and 25% of them check their mobile phones 100 times a day!
The idea of this presentation is to help you understand this audience in India from a technological perspective and design for them. As we often say, ‘put yourself in his/her shoes’ to understand the user, for this presentation, ‘let’s put ourselves in their smartphones’



Speaker bio

Khushboo Hasija is a Design researcher at Microsoft, she works on various products ranging from Cortana, Microsoft Office, Bing and One-Note. She sees every user interaction with empathy and a sense of adventure. She has a background in Design Research, Graphic Design and Fine Arts. In last 7 years, she has worked with various organizations in domains like consumer durables, healthcare, social innovation, telecom, banking and advertising.



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