Design Track of The Goa Project 2016

Dharmesh Ba


'Make the blue more blueeeeee' - Feedback on feedbacks

Submitted Jan 17, 2016

Designers, at the current moment are both fortunate and unfortunate at the same time. Fortunate, because design is being recognised. Unfortunate, because design is being recognised for wrong reasons. I shall share some of my experiences in design receiving feedback from 3 different product startups, I have worked with before. Extending that, I shall share my thoughts on how a clever feedback and an open mind can bring out great product from a design team.


The idea of freedom breeds creativity is stupid. Constrains push you forward to think different. You could snatch my fork and still ask me to eat a cake. I will figure out a way. But you cant tie my mouth and hands. But how do you know? Wether you are snatching my fork or tying my mouth? In the past 18 months, I have worked with 3 different startups and have interacted with various stakeholders. Marketing, Business Analysts, Founders, Technologists and have received feedback from them. Some are funny, some are stupid but major ones are stunning. One such feedback prompted me to say

‘That thing that you are asking for in the product, is something Nolan was considering for Interstellar and No, I cant do that in 2 days’

It will be fun hearing them and more fun, discussing possibilities to fix the madness. We have great designers in the country but now we need great enablers. Not to forget, Steve Jobs was not a designer, but a design enabler. ‘Does this mean, this session would make you Steve Jobs?’ - of course not :)


Nothing much.

Speaker bio

• Masters in New Media Design from National Institute of Design.

• Previous experience in Adobe,

• Winner of ‘Records for Life’ contest by Bill and Melinda gates foundation.

• Currently a part of fintech startup in Bangalore.


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