Design Track of The Goa Project 2016

aditi bhalerao



Submitted Jan 15, 2016

Relating a persons visual identity to the branding of thier profession, product,service or simply for the sake of remembering the face.


I would like to share my thoughts on ‘How to influence the crowd through your identity’and particularly Understanding the power of maintaining a signature style.Through this presentation I would like to show people from various backgrounds and thier visual identity that sets them apart from others.

Indian style of dressing has been evolving in varied forms and promoted by many famous personalities, as their signature style.The famous ‘Nehru Jacket’ gained momentum, after it got featured in the Vogue magazine in 1964.The formal yet quirky jacket, that was worn by the Kashmiri pandit with a churidar and rose-bud for finishing touches, became the ‘in thing’ during the 60s’ in the West with vivid psychedelic prints running alongside basic ones.To add more,The British rock band Beatles or The American singer Frank Sinatra sported this tradional-luxe jacket during their perfomances.
Its like the Modi jacket which is a part of our Prime-Ministers identity and now widely copied by many young adults to set the trend.

Speaking about women,Indira Gandhi, the lady with a crisp and commanding personality, often wore silk sarees, combined with a couture over coat, during her frequent visits abroad.
In a sea of haute couture evening gowns and suits worth millions, Nandita Das, the famous actress walked down the red carpet in a silk saree with a simple gold border and teamed it up with matching Indian jewellery.

A very unique example will be of Sudhir kumar Chaudhary, who considers sachin tendulkar as his god and cricket as his relegion.His body is painted in the Indian colours, with Sachin Tendulkar’s name painted across, blowing the conch and waving the Indian flag incessantly. Many of us have even spotted him during India matches.

These are a just a few examples of famous people that show the effects of a persons visual identity on the surrounding crowd.

Speaker bio

I am a young fashion designer, with deep love for animals and primarily cats. I love to socialize, attend varied events, taste new food, feel new fabrics, help my friends dressing up for parties and also to listen to other people’s ideologies about living a content life.
On a more serious note I design customised ensembles and will soon launch my first signature collection, under the label name ‘SOLEIL’.


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