Design Track of The Goa Project 2016

Parul Kumtha


Access-ability. Designing for Inclusion.

Submitted Jan 13, 2016

Sensitize through a presentation that mainly focuses on ‘Accessibility’ and Barrier free design. Explore adaptive design to suit local contexts.Focus on the importance of retrofitting existing ‘non-inclusive’ designs to make them inclusive, by the way of detailed audits and sensitive solutions.The presentation aims to plant a seed of thought in the minds of design students to help make them sensitive designers in the future.


“A civilization is to be judged by its treatment of minorities”, Mahatma Gandhi.

Everyone irrespective of physical, cultural and economic background is equally entitled to accessing
all public spaces with dignity and without compromising on one’s self respect. Designers therefore play a crucial role in making this possible.The real challenge lies in sensitizing designers and individuals towards an inclusive, barrier- free environment, which ultimately requires a collective will to translate into a reality. The emphasis,thus, should be on ‘Universal design’ as the process of designing itself, where the designer considers the needs of all users especially senior citizens, children and persons with disabilities.


Projector and screen.

Speaker bio

Parul Kumtha is the Founder and Principal Architect of Nature-Nurture Architects & Planners. She teaches courses in Urban Studies, Conservation of Natural Heritage and Universal Design at the Sir J.J. College of Architecture. She is also the founding member and president of ‘Forum for Autism’.

Nature Nurture Architects & Planners are committed to designs that conserve natural heritage and allow barrier free access to all sections of society. Our team of young and motivated architects collaborates on many projects to achieve their goals. With the dictum ‘Change is Constant’, the team applies the experiences gained through run-of-the-mill professional practice to make a difference where it matters.



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