The Goa Project 2018

The Goa Project 2018

Nandkishore Kapoor


Waste No Love!

Submitted Sep 19, 2018

We eat, sleep and repeat daily without regrets, i aint talking about falling in love. Its about all the waste we generate from the time we take a dump to when we get dumped with a bouquet of flowers in our face. Alot happens in between, for instance we write letters then we post em post to which we wear great clothes and eat good food, all until our cycle of love is complete. However something thats wasted more than time and can be refurbished in multiple ways is the waste that comes out of it. All that waste is nothing less than a piece of art, made out of true love. Aint that true?

This discussion is for wild ideas from textiles, leather, food, paper, plastic, air , water and just about everything that makes waste and can be made in to something more valuable than it ever was.Love opens a thousand doors, this one needs each one to open a few, to save the planet. Who loves them like no other :)


We can start off with a love story, as its a common ground and flag the waste generated at the end of the beautiful saga.
Can pick up one big fat indian wedding and showcase the face and the actual reality at the end to strike a conversation.
A conversation, where we talk about how it can be given another shape, a new face by taking responsibility for what we do in the name of celebration or an event or just about daily living.

Moving on to giving some small and some large pieces of cleansed sterlised digital and tactile opportunity to make and suggest a ton of ideas on a wall that can shape up the beginning of the new process called waste management in India. As swach bharat is not cornering things, its actually cleaning up and being sustainable with new processes, and great ideas to shape the new waste.


Clean hands and ready to get dirty clothes

Speaker bio

Nandkishore Kapoor is a Mechanical engineer with 7 plus years in core and consulting background with Capgemini Consulting India.
Currently working along in the innovation and strategy space for the team as a facilitator for new ideas in a accelerated solutions environment and ofcourse loves to pick up trash and make beautiful things out of it.


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