The Goa Project 2018

The Goa Project 2018

Shantanu Paknikar


AEIOU - A Self Development Framework

Submitted Sep 18, 2018

A key challenge facing our society today is the job paradox. We have graduates being churned out by universities, and yet employability remains a challenge. Even if people do get employed, organizations struggle to find the “stars” to fill key positions. Occasionally, there are people who appear to have an “X factor” - they are able to get jobs of their choice, and zoom up the career graph. What is the secret to their success? What do they do differently? Can we simplify what such people do into a simple repeatable approach or methodology that anybody can learn and practice? AEIOU, a self development framework, addresses these questions. The target audience is anybody from a college student or graduate looking for a job, to somebody in a job and looking to move up the career path, to a senior executive / CXO. The key takeaway for the audience is an understanding of a systematic, structured approach to self-development and self-transformation - applicable to any person in any walk of life.


  • Introduction: Why is self-development important?
  • Self development: does not happen in isolation, but in a team context
  • Easy to understand the importance of self development, but how and where does one start? How does one proceed?
  • AEIOU: A simple, systematic, structured methodology for self development
  • An individual exercise that can be practiced by anybody
  • Understanding the Five steps to climbing the “AEIOU Ladder”
  • Practical examples and applications
  • Key takeaways


Pen and Paper

Speaker bio

Shantanu is fascinated with the subject of “Unlocking human potential”. During his career spanning over two decades, he has played roles across the spectrum: from Strategy, P&L, sales and client relationships; to project delivery and execution; to technology innovation and IP development. He has authored 130+ articles on business strategy, self develpment, leadership and innovation; is a regular speaker and panelist at events; a guest lecturer at MBA institutions; and a startup advisor. He holds a Masters’ Degree from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering from Goa University.


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