The Goa Project 2018

The Goa Project 2018

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Influencer Marketing - The power of Micro Influencers


Amev Burman


I will be talking about the pro and cons of Influencer Marketing and the comparison between Macro and Micro Influencers. Most brands and agencies treat Influencer Marketing as a black box. We’ve built a platform that helps bring out the numbers behind influencer marketing.


  • Whart is Influencer Marketing
  • The challenges of Influencer Marketing
  • Macro vs Micro Influencers
  • How to run your first insfluencer marketing campaign



Speaker bio

I have been closely following this industry for over 2 years. I have conducted thorough research through influencers and brands and developed Adfluence Hub based on the learnings. Having a background in tech and a curiosity in current digital marketing trends, the amalgamation of both excites me.