Deeksha Gehlot


Black & White of the Creatives

Submitted Sep 25, 2018

The success of creative and artistic right-brained population is often restricted by the left brained legal system that exists in our country. Hence, I would like to share insights into legal protections are available for the different types of creative people, including artists, choreographers, musicians, cinematographers, writers, poets, designers, architects, visual artists and the like. I would also like to throw some light on the boundaries within which such creatives may need to operate so that they do not infringe upon rights of their fellow mates.


(1) Copyright laws, design laws, patent laws and different components of creative work which can be protected.
(2) Manner and means of licensing, assigning, creating derivative works and/ or earning roalities on creative work.
(3) Interactive Q&A.

Speaker bio

I am a corporate lawyer who believes that social evolution of mankind is inevitable; and innovators have the power to catalyze this process and the responsibility to steer this process into right direction. I am the founder and managing counsel of LexIngenious, a corporate legal advisory practice based in New Delhi. Prior to this, I have worked with a couple of law firms in the start-ups and social innovation space.

During my professional journey, I have catered to intellectual property requirements of multiple freelancers, early stage entreprenerus, start-ups, small and medium enterprises. I am also engaged with a few startups, non-profits and educational institutions as an advisor/ mentor. I have professionally advised and assisted in filing for multiple types of intellectual property propection, drafting and negotiating liacensing agreements, franchising agreements, facilitating assignment of intellectual property and drawing royalties.


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