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How Zines influence society

Submitted Sep 30, 2018

I love zines. Its a a form of creative expression, and it can entirely be a single individual’s contributionn. Its aking to blog, but only it is more creative and tangible. I often find zines communicating the voice of an activist. It creates a strong impression about a societal perpective. It motivates creative expression on a sensitive topic.

But I often find that it’s reach is limited to pop-ups. But that’s ok. Pop-up evennts invite people from various backgrounds. So these provocative zines are able to reach the common people as well.

With it’s provocative character, and pretty broad reach, I wonder how such zines channge one’s perpectives, and influence one’s lifestyles. I wonder how further can zines reach, and how can we use zines for deeper penetrationn of covnersations arounnd sensitive/taboo topics.


  1. What are zines
  2. History of zine creations & its various usage
  3. Examples for various zine artists in India
  4. What do they have to say about zines
  5. What does the future of zines look like


Therir listening aids.

Speaker bio

I am prposinng this topic for someone else to speak. So hopefully a zine illustrator/publisher could be a good speaker for this session.



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