The Goa Project 2018

The Goa Project 2018

manoj surya


How to keep your mind sane when tough gets tougher

Submitted Sep 30, 2018

Last year I spoke about reading 52 books in 52 weeks at TGP, I have had few lessons over time from reading and with life on how to keep yourself sane when thought gets going based on my recent article in


I like share my experiences and probably help you with getting a more sane mind when thought gets going. Life has humour in its own ways, if you try to be too comfortable(basically not trying anything new) you will be slowly provoked with thoughts of exisiential questions(which is okay) or you will just start bitching about everything around you. On the other hand if you do try out new things, you will face new problems and will be drawn to uncertainity which would inturn push you to anxiety and in some cases depression.
When things went in wrong direction for me in all possible ways, there are few things that really worked for me (cheat sheet: - one of the step in controlling your inputs and knowing how), Based on my reading and few practicle things that really worked for me, I wrote an article in on same(and ofcourse I have more points for you). I would like to unwind my whole thinking process and give a first hand experience on the same 1st time only with you at TGP


Wanting to have a sane mind
active mind presence
wanting to speak up issues from their life(and probably how you go around(or not got around) it)

Speaker bio

In last 7 years, shut down two companies, now at way2online(remember way2sms?) as product manager and heading - A free push notification tool, free forever. I am an avid reader and a chai lover. introverted but managed to make a good network of people both offline and online.


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