The Goa Project 2018

The Goa Project 2018

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Fountainhead Resort, Alibaug

The Goa Project is an annual “unconference” that brings together a diverse set of people from various fields – to converse, collaborate and co-create. Attendees learn, share, and exchange ideas in a range of different formats.

If you have a topic, skill or insight that you believe is worth conducting a debate, discussion, talk, workshop on, go on and use the Funnel to propose a session for it. If you are a performer - be it a solo act, a band, a magician, or an artist, nominate your performance under the section performance. Performers will be given a slot in the evenings once the session wraps up.

We encourage attendees to vote on the proposed topics. The opinion of our event participants is a key factor while curating the sessions that make it into the final agenda.

We have a framework of tracks - Society, Design, Interactive Media & Cinema, Fringe, Music, Performing Arts, etc. and a separate track for workshops. These are defined as sections in the submission form, we may refine these tracks/sections in the next step of the funnel with YOUR contributions.

Topics related to religion and politics are not accepted. For your proposal to be considered you need to complete the Delegate Application form here

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The Goa Project Funnel The Goa Project is an unconference - where unlike a typical conference, the talks are not put together by a panel or knowledge partner - but is proposed by the attendees themselves. You propose a session or talk that might be of interest to the audience at the unconference, a… more



Being a Design Entrepreneur

Submitted Sep 30, 2018

I am an Independent Consultant (aka freelancer, collaborator) and an entrepreneur.
In the past, there was a reason why I stayed away from anything related to finance and business administration. I just couldn’t understand them. Even today, they are intolerable. But indepenndent consultancy forces me to enngage with them.

I do not hail from a traditional design background, but my friends do. And they have often voiced their concerns about not knowing anything about business administration and/or negotiations, but circumstances puts them in situations where they should have known. In fact, in order to sustain, they end up compromising on their quality and/or feel frustrated.

In this forum I want to talk about my experience as a designer, attempting to sustain in this unfamiliar world of business/entrepreneurship. By sharing my story, I want to invite conversations and personal stories with this experience. By allowing for individual storytelling, I want to make non-business-minded design entrepreneurs to feel motivated, and not feel alone.


  1. My idea, and why I felt the need to start something by myself
  2. My expectations
  3. The Reality
  4. My learnings: Self Identity, LinkedIN, Negotiations, Networking (certains tricks that worked)
  5. My key take-out for current and potential design entrepreneurs


Their listening techniques. If deaf, then a hearing aid.

Speaker bio

My decisions in the recent past led me to become an independent consultant.
My desire to materialise my ideas led me to establish a creative venture.

Both are on thin ice beacuase I do not know the tricks and trade of entrepreneurship, business management, negotiations and networking. But I am learning, and I know that I am not alone.



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Srilakshmi Proposing

How Zines influence society

I love zines. Its a a form of creative expression, and it can entirely be a single individual’s contributionn. Its aking to blog, but only it is more creative and tangible. I often find zines communicating the voice of an activist. It creates a strong impression about a societal perpective. It motivates creative expression on a sensitive topic. more

30 Sep 2018