Jayati Doshi


BYOQ: "Bring your own questions" party

Submitted Sep 27, 2018

Think of where you are in your life right now, and all the aspects of it that are important to you.
Now think about the many questions you are sitting with as you go about living that life. Are there questions you left to “later” because you just did not have the time to think about them right now? Yeah, those uncomfortable/ abstract/ existential/ mundane/ tricky questions.

Yes, those. Bring them to this party. Put them on the floor, literally.
Chances are, a lot of us would have these same questions.

This workshop is an opportunity to take the time out to sit on these “saved for later” questions, individually, and then sharing some of the insights, together - as a way to make sense of these collectively.
Think about it like spring-cleaning your inbox while we figure out the best way to organise and stay on top of it together. Except, when I say inbox, I really mean the soul (or whatever version of the soul you could get behind).


We start by briefly introducing ourselves and the questions we are sitting with right now.
A variety of “life-tools” around “making sense of our lives right now” would be spread across the area. We then take about 40 minutes to work on our own selves using these tools (depending on whichever ones are relevant to us), thinking about our questions as well as some of the questions raised.
We then gather in smaller groups to make sense of these similar questions based on a “collective sense-making” technique.
We gather back in a large group to put together the aha-s thus collected, and wrap up.


A pen/ writing instrument.
Their present selves (with some of the wisdom from the past selves).
The questions they are sitting on right now.

Speaker bio

I design tools to help us think deeply about our life’s questions. I spend a lot of time working with people, using these tools, to help make sense of ourselves, our world and us within that world using storytelling, learning theory and psychology. One way I do that is by hosting events that fall largely within the bracket of “collective sense-making”, where we make sense of life’s big and small questions together through storytelling and facilitated dialogue.

The BYOQ party (also called life-transitions party) is my favourite mix of both these things: making sense of our lives right now while learning from and with each other, and celebrating the little triumphs along the way.
More about me here: https://jayatidoshi.com/


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