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SRE Conf 2023

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Ravindra Harish

Ravindra Harish


SRE: "Toil Reduction" through Communication/Collaboration/Coordination!

Submitted Sep 19, 2023

Among the fundamental pillars of the SRE practice and framework, “Toil Reduction” is one that gives SREs a kick for rightly serving both the left (engineering) and right (operations) parties of the product. It reflects the principles for which Google introduced SRE in the first place. As they famously said, “Put a software engineer in front of an operational problem and see how the paradigm changes in solving the problem”.

As the conference theme includes communication, collaboration and coordination for operational challenges, I would like to bring together the best of the SRE pillar called “Toil Reduction”, the best of the collaboration tool “Slack” and how together we can work to maintain the importance of the SRE mindset to reduce workload, reduce frustration between microservice silo teams, increase the speed of incident identification and resolution. Blending ChatOps, AIOps and virtual bots with real humans is a perfect example of a future where humans work alongside bots sitting right next to each other (virtually 😊 )!

Hello everyone. I am Ravindra Harish. I am the Director of SRE at Nike. I recently moved back to India and am here to establish and drive the SRE practices at our India office serving our global technology units of Nike. I have been leading the SRE function at Nike for the last 6 years. We are a company that strongly believes that a perfect SRE can be a combination of great software engineers and a good talent of domain experts from the operations side. We run an IDENTIFICATION (proactive) model of incidents through tools like Splunk, SignalFx, Catchpoint and NewRelic to deliver the value of Distributed Tracing, Chaos Engineering with a clear focus on reducing MTTD, MTTR, PAV, improving Fault Budget and hence define CUJ through SLI/O with derivation at SLA!

I would like to present a real-life case study as part of an event. We have a product that we call D.O.E.S (DevOps Enablement Systems), which is very focused on toil reduction using Slack and AWS. We have had a lot of success with ChatOps and are now very focused on bringing AIOps into the mix. If we get the chance, we’d love to show you a demo and expose you to the possibilities of the future in the world of collaborative automation.


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