SRE Conf 2023

SRE Conf 2023

Availability and reliability 24/7- the SRE life



Ashutosh Agrawal

@theprogrammerin Speaker

SRE for time-sensitive events like live streaming cricket in India!

Submitted Nov 1, 2023

SRE for time-sensitive events like live streaming cricket in India!

The talk will try to give you a glance on what goes behind the scene to ensure crores of people are able to enjoy their most loved sport without disruption. Some strategy/some hacks/some stories.

Platform readiness planning

Things to take care of when planning for large events. Work with marketing/sales to understand their plan. Get a sense of users and then figure out how traffic would be distributed across.

Planning for degradation, planning for failures.

Incident Management

Keeping the runway/skies clear for a smoother take off.

BAU vs Event Incident Management. Game Marshal protocol. Tips and tricks used by us. Keeping severity honest. Focus on Mitigation than trying to root-cause

Post Event Resolution

The day might be over but it’s going to be a different story tomorrow!
Once the event is over, it’s important to retrospect and figure out things which need to be changed.

About the speaker

Ashutosh Agrawal is Principal Architect at JioCinema.


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