Unlocking SRE success: a two-decade journey

Manoj Sebastian Kulatharayil, a seasoned Reliability and Productivity Engineering leader, will be in conversation with Safeer CM, Senior Staff SRE at Flipkart, and Sarika Atri, Software Architect.

The chat will cover the evolution of SRE function over two decades, and Manoj’s experience with the adoption and growth of the SRE function across major internet and technology companies including Yahoo, Amazon, Intuit, Atlassian, and Flipkart.

Over 45 mins, Manoj, Safeer and Sarika will discuss the following aspects of SRE function in tech companies:

  1. Evangelism and adoption of the SRE mindset, skillets and roles in the tech industry over a decade after Google’s SRE journey started in 2003.
  2. Observability - strategies and technologies.
  3. Key principles driving incident management and postmortems.
  4. Hiring for SRE roles; what distinguishes an SRE from any other software engineer?
  5. Future of SRE - is the domain going to evolve, or will it eventually merge with the other software engineering disciplines?

This is an in-person event. Venue will be announced shortly.

About the curator

This conversation is curated by Safeer CM and Sarika Atri, editors of the SRE Conference.

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