Karan Sharma


Monitoring my home ISP network

Submitted Sep 22, 2020

In this session, I’ll show my network monitoring dashboard which involves monitoring using ICMP probes to measure latencies to various upstreams. Network monitoring comes handy if you want to troubleshoot problems with your local router or ISP routing issues.


Telegraf is a very powerful and “extensible” agent which can collect various metrics about your network stack (HTTP/DNS/ICMP probes). In this session, I’ll show how I hosted Telegraf agent on Raspberry Pi 4 connected to my home LAN and scraped metrics using Prometheus hosted on a VPS. I’ll also brief over various queries used to create Grafana dashboard to display important information about latencies and respose times. My home network is a mesh network created via Tailscale VPN so we’d also get some insights on how it has helped to manage different components of the stack easily.


  • A local compute where you can run monitoring agents on. Raspberry Pi for eg.

Speaker bio

I’m a developer/ops with interest in all things Observability, Self Hosting and Networking.


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