Zoom and the art of the big pivot: Micah Lee and Vivek Durai on Zoom's Facebook Moment

Zoom and the art of the big pivot: Micah Lee and Vivek Durai on Zoom's Facebook Moment

How companies can learn from the Zoom case to build better products as they adapt to a new business environment

From late March to early April, The Intercept_ investigated the security flaws behind Zoom, a popular video conferencing, web conferencing and webinar tool. Micah Lee, First Look Media’s Director of Information Security, led the investigation into Zoom’s claims that the product is secure, has end-to-end encryption and doesn’t pose threats to data security. There have been several take-downs of Zoom since the product’s security threats came to light and several high-profile defenders of the company and its founder.

Writing in Random, a popular private market-focussed business intelligence newsletter, Vivek Durai, the founder of paper.vc brought a different perspective to products such as Zoom. He dwelt on the challenges that companies such as Zoom face as they manage a massive but continuing pivot to adapt to a large base of discerning home users.

On 29 April, 9 PM, Lee and Durai get into a freewheeling and predictably random chat about the effect of Lee’s first breaking story and the aftermath, alongwith with what’s at stake for business and tech in a Pandemic era.

Date: Wednesday, 29 April 2020
Time: 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Format: Deep dive conversation. Audience questions will be considered and woven into the stream of the conversation.
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Segment 1: Intercept's investigation of Zoom - how it all started; pointers to key issues

Micah Lee in conversation with Vivek Durai

1 hour 5 May 2020




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