Call for round the year submissions for Rootconf in 2020

Call for round the year submissions for Rootconf in 2020

Submit a proposal at any time in the year on DevOps, infrastructure security, cloud, and distributed systems. We will find you a suitable opportunity to share your work.

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Submissions are closed for this project

About Rootconf:

Rootconf is HasGeek’s annual conference – and now a growing community – around DevOps, systems engineering, DevSecOps, security and cloud. The annual Rootconf conference takes place in May each year, with the exception of 2019 when the conference will be held in June.

Besides the annual conference, we also run meetups, one-off public lectures, debates and open houses on DevOps, systems engineering, distributed systems, legacy infrastructure, and topics related to Rootconf.

This is the place to submit proposals for your work, and get them peer reviewed by practitioners from the community.

Topics for submission:

We seek proposals – for short and long talks, as well as workshops and tutorials – on the following topics:

  1. Case studies of shift from batch processing to stream processing
  2. Real-life examples of service discovery
  3. Case studies on move from monolith to service-oriented architecture
  4. Micro-services
  5. Network security
  6. Monitoring, logging and alerting – running small-scale and large-scale systems
  7. Cloud architecture – implementations and lessons learned
  8. Optimizing infrastructure
  9. SRE
  10. Immutable infrastructure
  11. Aligning people and teams with infrastructure at scale
  12. Security for infrastructure

Contact us:

If you have questions/queries, write to us on

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Rootconf is a forum for discussions about DevOps, infrastructure management, IT operations, systems engineering, SRE and security (from infrastructure defence perspective). more

Akshay Mathur

@awkshwayrd Proposing

Deploying greenfield JVM microservices on Kubernetes on-premise with a service mesh WITHOUT Openshift or CloudFoundry

Submitted Apr 16, 2019

Lessons learned from deploying open source Kubernetes in a traditional financial data center without a supported vendor implementation (no IBM, RedHat, or Google support)
Intended audience - anyone interested in Kubernetes
Expected outcome - A good discussion around the philosophy and operational capabilities needed to deploy microservices on-prem on Kubernetes


How to architect the platform to meet specific non-functional requirements - IDAM, observability,
traceability, configuration management, etc. The pain points you don’t typically face when you provision Kubernetes on GKE How to leverage a service mesh such as Istio for inter-service interactions. How to discover the DevOps model for new greenfield microservices.
The tools needed to deploy JVM based microservices on Kubernetes.


An open mind

Speaker bio

Software consultant and architect with 13 years of product engineering expertise. Currently grokking CNCF, service meshes, and reactive architectures.


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Pavan S Kaushik

Application Services for Operationalizing Kubernetes in the Multi-Cloud world

There is immense interest and growing adoption of container ecosystems today, with Kubernetes being an easy and popular choice for enterprises. However, there are a variety of choices of underlying infrastructure ecosystems that Kubernetes can run on. Typical large enterprises in the real-world today also run in Multi-Cloud enviroments. more

16 Apr 2019