Call for round the year submissions for Rootconf in 2020

Call for round the year submissions for Rootconf in 2020

Submit a proposal at any time in the year on DevOps, infrastructure security, cloud, and distributed systems. We will find you a suitable opportunity to share your work.

Aditya Sood


Building Continuous Delivery Pipelines Using GoCD

Submitted May 6, 2019

This workshop is for anyone who wants a better understanding of the principles of Continuous Delivery and who are interested in understanding how to set up a deployment pipeline using these principles in GoCD.
The workshop will be a combination of discussions and hands-on sessions. The discussions will be around CD and its related practices from GoCD tool perspective. The hands-on session of the workshop will look at key GoCD features like pipeline-as-code, elastic agents, Integration with external artifact repositories and how to deploy a containerized demo application to any modern cloud infrastructure. This will serve as a practical application of the CD principles discussed.
At the end of the workshop, the participants will have a holistic understanding of Continuous Delivery, why it is important and the practices around CD. They will be able to use GoCD to create and execute an end to end, code to deployment, pipeline. They will also have an understanding on integrating their own build systems with GoCD.


The workshop will be for 4.5-5 hours. The workshop will cover:
1.Overview and history of Continuous Delivery and why it’s important. Practices that enable Continuous Delivery (Trunk based development, Feedback Loops etc.)
2.[Hands-on] GoCD setup and defining pipeline using code.
3.[Hands-on] Using elastic agents to save infra cost
4.[Hands-on] Build and publish images to docker hub
5.[Hands-on] Managing secrets in build workflow
6.[Hands-on] Automated Deployment to a Kubernetes Cluster


A laptop with a
1. Docker-hub account
2. Docker installed on the machine
3. A modern browser (Chrome or Firefox)

Speaker bio

Aditya is an experienced Product Specialist at Thoughtworks. In the current role, he has been helping organizations to automate, streamline and assimilate continuous delivery through Devops and Automation Practices.


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