Call for round the year submissions for Rootconf in 2020

Call for round the year submissions for Rootconf in 2020

Submit a proposal at any time in the year on DevOps, infrastructure security, cloud, and distributed systems. We will find you a suitable opportunity to share your work.

Amit Malik


All about Microservices architecture on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Submitted May 2, 2019

In this session, I’d focus on designing and hosting microservices architecture applications using AKS(Azure Kubernetes Service). We’ll learn about what is AKS and how it is a fit platform for running microservices archtitecture. This will be a blend of talk and demo.

I’d expect audiance to be IT Professional(DevOps/Containers) and IT Developers(Microservices) background. Key takeaway for them would be about running microservices solutions on kubernetes, learn about AKS and other services of Azure which could be useful in Microservices.


We’ll be talking about

  • What is AKS and How it is diffrent than your regular Kubernetes environments
  • Microservices archtiecture refresher
  • Microservices and AKS - How they’re best fit for each other
  • Designing microservices architecture on AKS
  • Demo - Running an end to end Microservices Solution on Azure
  • 9 things to know before planning microservices deployment on AKS
  • Scaling, Orchestration and monitoring


if required, we can enable a lab exercise/environemnt for participants as well. In that case they’d need to get a laptop.

Speaker bio

I am an experienced Digital Transformation Leader, Principal Cloud Architect & Author, Have been delivering innovative and efficient IT Solutions with Microsoft Cloud Services.

I’ve been working with Azure since 2013, worked at Microsoft earlier in Azure Consulting Team. Lately, i’ve been focussing around Kubernetes and Microservices architecture and have delievered various solutions for startups and enterprises around that. I’ve been involved in community a lot since quite some time and have wide variety of speaking experience, including

  • Speaker at Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 @ Microsoft Headquarter Redmond. Talked about Cosmos DB with audiance size of about 150+
  • Speaker at Global Azure Bootcamp 2019, @ABB Bangalore.
  • Traveled all across United Status hosting roadshows for Azure Cosmos DB product launch in early 2018
  • Hosted various sessions at Microsoft for MAPA(Microsoft association of practicing architects)
  • Have talked in more than 20 community technology events
  • Author of two Azure books
  • Microsoft Certified trainer

I’ll add slides and more youtube vides link later on.


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