Rootconf proposals for round the year in 2018

Rootconf proposals for round the year in 2018

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Senthil V S


Simplicity or Sophistication: Choose two

Submitted Mar 4, 2018

We get high level of customizability with IaaS and utmost convenience with PaaS. We blended the benefits of these two and this talk is about sharing the journey.

You will learn about our journey of building a PaaS over IaaS.


IaaS providers give us barebones like VMs, load balancers, container runtimes etc. It’s highly customizable to any architecture we desire.
On the other hand, PaaS providers would help us not to think in terms of barebones by building everything for us so that we can just run code.
For monolith applications, it’s a no-brainer and PaaS could be easily the choice. But with microservices setup, aspects like security, scalability, partitioning require absolute level of customizability.
We use microservices. We use AWS as IaaS provider.

We would talk about conceptual understanding of our approach, implementation details with AWS and a demo.

Speaker bio

Converting human aspirations into reality via software has been my fascination and my job. I have been a programmer for more than a decade and leading teams for a while now.
Have lead projects that are diverse in terms of tech stack, scale etc. Worked for enterprises and startups. I have been coaching to learn and help people learn.
Interested in talking about on design, technologies, philosophical angle of tech etc.
Believe software building is a unique combination of science, art and collaboration.
Worked at ThoughtWorks around 8 years. Currently, I lead the engineering team at Simpl.



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