Rootconf proposals for round the year in 2018

Rootconf proposals for round the year in 2018

On DevOps, security, cloud and IT infrastructure



Building a serverless application - AWS vs Google Cloud Engine vs Azure

Submitted Feb 4, 2018

This session would showcase the creation of a serverless web application across the 3 current leading IaaS providers (Amazon, Microsoft and Google).


“Serverless” in my opinion is just a marketing jargon and is being misinterpreted a lot which is adding to the confusion. There are various nunaces which are specific to the three major IaaS providers in building a web application which combined with the additional overhead of various confusing vendor terms and services gives the whole proposition a natural inertia for the devlopers to start.
I will start the workshop by breaking the myths and drive to the point that containers are used behind the scenes and abstracted to provide the functionalities. The latter part of the session is to go for a hands-on approach to provide a 101 demo of creating a simple web app across the three leading providers (AWS, Azure and GCP)

Initial slides:
What is Serverless
Breaking the myth
Evolution of serverless
Supported/Leading IaaS vendors
Various terminologies in the mix
Provide a Github URL which will have the code repo to pull for the live demo

Hands on:
Demo - Start with AWS and guide through the steps involved in creating a serverless web application and having it hosted
Demo - Replicate the same app in Azure and the steps involved - screenshot presentations or LIVE demo (depending on time allotted)
Demo - Replicate the same app in GCP and the steps involved - screenshot presentations or LIVE demo (depending on time allotted)


Internet connection
Free account setup in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform

Speaker bio

An accomplished software & systems engineer with strong SDLC experience and a string of projects primarily in the security domain.
Runcy strives constantly to build better software with extra focus on security that would be kept throughout it’s life-cycle and not just as an after-thought. Considers himself to be a perfectionist yet remains practical, knowing where to draw the line and stop. A security enthusiast and strong data privacy advocate, Runcy began working full time on CloudBrew to minimize data breaches in this mass surveillance world, which continues now as an open source project.

Career Summary:
Bridgei2i (Cloud Architect) - Jun ’17 – Present
CloudBrew (Founder) - Nov ’15 – May ’17
SonicWALL (Sr. Software Dev Engineer) - Dec ’07 – May ’16
McAfee (Software QA Engineer) - May ’05 – Dec ’07
Infosys (Associate Software Engineer) - Jul ’03 – Apr ’05



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