Privacy as Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation

Privacy as Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation

Learn how to design organizations that manage risk

Libin Babu


Suchith Narayan




Responding to Lo4J RCE using Honeypots, Simulation and WAF rules

Submitted Mar 8, 2022

The Log4J RCE took all of us by surprise last December. The ubiquity of the library, the impact of the exploit (full server control), and ease of exploitation made it the perfect storm for DevOps and Security professionals.

At Razorpay with high throughput systems which are always online, it was quite tricky to mitigate and upgrade our systems to secure versions, all while checking for new attack patterns and testing our defenses. In this talk, we will cover the multi pronged (short, medium, long-term) approach we took to manage risk from the Log4J RCE. Specifically, we would cover:

  • Attack simulation to detect vulnerable endpoints
  • Why AWS-managed WAF rules were not enough and what we needed to do to mitigate the risk
  • Using honeypot results to detect WAF bypasses.
  • Updating WAF rules based on the identified bypasses


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