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Rootconf Sessions

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Pravin Nair


SRE Transformation - A Paradigm shift

Submitted Mar 10, 2020

The traditional SREs own Infrastructure and Production environments. What happens when we move from On premise Data Center to Cloud ? This session will talk about the evolution of both Developers and SREs in the Cloud world and what paradigm shift needs to happen for business to continue functional with minimal disruption.


This session will take the audience through the transformation journey of an SRE from a traditional Devops to full stack Engineer. Will the Model work?
We will go into the following aspects:

  • Role of traditional SRE
  • Cloud Journey
  • Shift left transformation
  • New Skills required
  • Mindset change
  • Cohabitation
  • Case study



Speaker bio

Pravin Nair is a SRE Leader with over 25 years experience in the Industry. He started his journey as a Unix System Admin and has seen the evolution of SRE over the generations. He has worked in various reputed companies including AOL,Yahoo and Intuit.


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