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Rootconf Sessions

Presentations on DevOps and Dev-Oops

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DevOps and Dev-Oops sessions cover:

  1. DevOps (obviously!)
  2. Databases and database disasters
  3. Distributed systems
  4. Systems engineering
  5. Infrastructure security
  6. War stories, failures and anti-patterns with running operations and infrastructure

Rootconf is a forum for:

  1. DevOps engineers
  2. Systems engineers
  3. Software engineers
  4. DevOps leads
  5. Infrastructure security professionals and experts
  6. Cloud service providers
  7. Providers of the pieces on which an organization’s IT infrastructure runs – monitoring, log management, alerting, etc
  8. Engineering managers looking to optimize infrastructure and teams

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Rootconf is a forum for discussions about DevOps, infrastructure management, IT operations, systems engineering, SRE and security (from infrastructure defence perspective). more

Kayalvizhi NoorulAmeen

All the way from Data Centre to Cloud

Submitted Feb 16, 2020

Migrating to a cloud from data centre is both thrilling and challenging. It is exciting because we learn a lot of cool stuff and is challenging as the actual process of migrating to the cloud is often difficult to handle. Cloud migration is not hassle provided the strategies are properly laid out. In this session, I am going to focus on
* various options in moving the data & compute load to cloud
* A one-one mapping between data centre elements and AWS cloud native solutions
* Cloud Migration Planning & Execution - How we planned & executed it in moving the loads to cloud for one of our cutomer assignmens - real time example

Audience: Devops engineers, aspiring cloud architects
Key Takeaways: Cloud Migration Strategies & Planning


There are tremendous benefits that organisations benefit from moving to cloud from data centres.Every other cloud provider shares insights on these lines and help organisation modernise their architecture and infrastructure. My talk will cover the following topics
1. Cloud Migration Strategies
2. Choosing one that best suits for the context
3. Case Study - Challanges & Learnings while moving one customer infrastructure to Cloud

Speaker bio

• Have 15 years of overall experience with over 5 years in architecting applications.
• Have a rich breadth of experience and good grip on application architectures considering non-functional areas like resiliency, fault-tolerance, performance, scalability, security, usability etc…and have clarity on what business needs and has ability to transform them to results
• Have passion in being the technology ambassador and coaching engineering excellence to junior engineers.
• Have given good number of technical talks in my current Organisation (Pramati)
• Have strong understanding of the Software design/architecture/data-backed-decision-making processes.
• Proficient in J2EE technologies in web development and has exposure to UI tech stack.
• Expertise in architecting and developing features for enterprise scale systems.
• Capable of coding and beginning an implementation to get a project off the ground



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