Measuring the internet using RIPE Atlas

Internet measurements are important and userful for everybody and not limited to network engineers, developers, researchers etc The internet is a network of networks. The RIPE Atlas project provides a lens to view how the networks behave from various vantage points. Using the RIPE Atlas system, anyone can run internet measurements to troubleshoot, understand how the internet works and carry out research.

The key take-ways of this workshop are:

  1. Brief introduction to the RIPE Atlas project
  2. Creating various measurements (ping, traceroute, DNS, SSL/TLS, NTP and HTTP)
  3. Use cases
  4. Installation of the command-line interface (CLI) tool.
  5. Security matters – how to host a RIPE Atlas probe in your network
  6. Functionality of the probe (built-in measurements, user defined measurements, credits)
  7. How to host a RIPE Atlas software probe (CentOS 7 & 9, Debian, Docker)

Before attending this webinar, you should already have basic knowledge about RIPE Atlas usage:

  1. You have a RIPE NCC Access account (create one here:
  2. You have logged in and visited web pages

About the instructor: Swapneel Patnekar is a network engineer, developer, researcher with interests in Unix systems, networking and security. In addition to being a RIPE Atlas Ambassador, connecting probes on uncharted Autonomous Systems, he delivers workshops and talks on various topics such as DNS/DNSSEC, Network Security etc.

Participation: This workshop is free to attend. RSVP to participate. Zoom link will be sent to registered participants before the workshop.
Comments and questions can be left for the instructor on the Comments page. We will address these before/during the workshop.

Contact details: If you have queries about the workshop, call 7676332020 or write to

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