The art of software project management - meet the master managers


About the mixer

Are you a newly promoted engineering leader?
Do you feel lost and out of your depth?
Do you struggle with getting budgets from business?
Are you unsure how to track your projects?
Are you constantly firefighting and are burnt out?
Ever wish that there was a safe space for you to discuss your thoughts?

Well, look no further.

This mixer is an opportunity for all engineering professionals to interact with leaders who have spent their careers on the front lines like you. Learn from the best as they share their lessons from past failures and success along with battle tested tips on engineering management.

The mixer will happen in a birds of feather format. You will choose a topic and we will assign the master who has expertise in it. You will be part of that group(no more than 5 people) and will get to discuss and learn from that master for 45min.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Get one-on-one, dedicated face time with leaders in a no holds barred, AMA.
  2. Meet Mentors and coaches who can guide you to the next level of your career.
  3. Meet your peers, network and learn more about your industry trends

Meet the Masters

  1. Deepti Agrawal is a Director of Engineering at Flipkart. She is experienced in building large scale systems, managing teams, building scalable architectures and infrastructure. She likes to build products that are functional, resilient and have a great user experience.

  2. Kamal Govindraj is currently a Chief Architect at Groww. He is an experienced architect specialized in building enterprise and large scale web applications. He has worked as Director of Software Engineering at Acceletrade and as an architect at Flipkart in the past.

  3. Pratul Kalia is CEO and co-founder at Tramline. Previously, Pratul was co-founder and CTO at Obvious. His team at Obvious built the original apps for many stellar brands including Flipkart, Myntra, Swiggy, Insider, helped with performance and maintainability of mature codebases at Dunzo and Ola Cabs, and worked with non-profits such as Wikimedia Foundation and

What topics will be covered?

The Master Managers will each discuss one or more aspects of Engineering management, including:

  1. Prioritization and budgeting.
  2. Organization building and team management.
  3. Metrics and feedback loops.
  4. Cross functional programme management and communication - stakeholder management and delivery.

Who should participate?

  1. Individuals who have recently joined engineering manager roles.
  2. Individuals who aspire to become engineering managers.
  3. Startup founders (early to Series C/D) who want coaching/mentoring on how to manage engineers and run successful businesses.
  4. Mid-career managers (Director to VP’s of Engineering)

About the curators

  1. Sanchita Agarwal is an engineering leader with more than a decade of experience building mobile first products. In her last role, she was Head of Engineering at Obvious, a digital product consultancy where she led delivery of multiple cross platform projects for products like Swiggy and Slice. Before that, she helped build the Android Partner app at Ola and the Health & Chat apps at Samsung R&D India.

  2. Mayankk Banerjee is an engineering leader with 25yrs+ of hands-on technology and management experience. He has built deep tech and high throughput solutions, and works as an executive coach and fractional CTO.

About software project management series

This mixer is curated as part of the software project management series of talks. The talks are intended to produce an experiential knowledgebase of case studies and concepts to get better (and faster and cheaper) at software project management. This series is curated by Pramod Biligiri and Mayankk Banerjee.

How to participate

This is an in-person mixer, open to Rootconf members. You can participate by picking up a membership from here. Members can bring two guests along with them.

Contact information

Join the Rootconf Telegram group at or follow @rootconf on Twitter.
For inquiries, contact Rootconf at +91-7676332020.



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