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Major consumer economies globally are implementing stringent Data Protection regulations to protect consumer data. For organizations, data protection goes beyond regulations. In today’s age, any consumer data abuse or leak leads to significant and often irreversible brand damage.

Collecting consumer data is a responsibility, not a privilege. This talk focuses on the various data protection practices companies must implement to fully protect their consumer’s data.

Who should attend?

This is an intermediate-level talk for engineers and DevOps professionals. Jayesh will explore essential data protection capabilities, highlighting common patterns, and potential pitfalls in their implementation.


This presentation has new content. For a sense of the speaker’s approach in a different context, see the talk Jayesh gave at The Fifth Elephant Winter edition in Mumbai in 2019 on building a scalable data platform at Hotstar

About the speaker

Jayesh Sidhwani is co-founder of Enclave. Enclave is a SaaS tool that offers building blocks to implement Data Privacy compliance. His background includes roles at Jupiter Money and Disney+ Hotstar. He has over 13 years of experience in software development and leadership across major Indian consumer companies.

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