Doing Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) the right way - session 2

Pulumi or Terraform?
How much and what all to automate?
Automated vs automatic?
Ansible or K8s?
Serverless or needless?

Choices, choices, choices - and very expensive these choices are.

In session 2, speaker Piyush Verma, co-founder of Last9 Inc will lay out facts (from popular tech fiction) + trade-offs associated with these choices.

Who should participate:

  1. Site Reliability Engineers themselves who have opinions (strong ones) on tools, processes and mindset.
  2. CTOs and VPs who are thinking of building SRE organizations.

To make the most of this session:

  1. Register in advance. Zoom link will only be shared with registered participants.
  2. Post your questions/comments on the Comments tab on this page.

For details and inquiries, contact or call 7676332020


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Doing SRE the right way: mindset, tools and processes

Doing SRE the right way: mindset, tools and processes

Piyush Verma

1 hour23 June 2020

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We care about site reliability, cloud costs, security and data privacy