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ligaya turmelle


MySQL administration 101

Submitted Mar 11, 2017

Many sites need their employees to do more then one job - Programmer, DBA, SysAdmin. The more skills you have, the more you can contribute to the overall success of the site and improve your own marketability. Learn the basic commands of MySQL Server Administration that every SysAdmin should know.


The MySQL administration areas we will potentially go over (adjusted for timeslot and if troubleshooting talk also accepted):
- Access Control (2 stages, user accounts & passwords, GRANT/REVOKE)
- Server State (option files, GLOBAL VARIABLES/STATUS, PROCESSLIST, InnoDB, Monitoring)
- Logs (Error, Slow Query, General, Binary)
- Backups (basics on types and methods)

Speaker bio

Ligaya Turmelle is a full time Goddess, part time MySQL DBA, occasional PHP programmer, and frequent world traveler. She currently has visited or lived in 21 countries and now resides in Florida with her husband and their Belgian Malinois. As a MySQL Support Engineer for Oracle she still manages to stay involved with the PHP Community as a founding Principal of and long-time busy body of the PHPCommunity channel (#phpc) on freenode. She hopes to one day actually meet all the people she talks to. Now for all the letters – OCP: MySQL 5.6 DBA, OCP: MySQL 5.6 Dev, CMDBA (5.0), CMDEV (5.0), MySQL Core (4.1), ZCE (PHP4&5) and Oracle ACE for MySQL.



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