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Praveen Kumar


Automating deployments with Ansible

Submitted Mar 31, 2017

Ansible is an IT automation tool that can be used to configure, deploy and orchestrate many different Infrastructure based tasks. Ansible can be used for system configuration, software deployment, application or infrastructure orchestration, more importantly it is agent less and no master/slave configuration required for it. It uses yml to write playbook which is readable and easy to manageable, did I not mention it’s comes with batteries included.


This workshop aims to hands-on upon the following topics:

  • Ansible Basics : 10 mins
  • Inventory : 5 mins
  • Modules : 15 mins
  • Playbook : 5 mins
  • Variable : 10 mins
  • Playbook template : 15 mins
  • Condition Handling : 5 mins
  • Adhoc run : 5 mins
  • System Configuration : 10 mins
  • Application Orchestration: 10 mins
  • Cloud Infra management (Docker, openstack, AWS): 10 mins
  • Creating custom modules: 15 mins
  • Ansible Vault: 10 mins
  • Q&A : 15 mins

Workshop duration: 3 hour
Maximum Number of participants: 25


  • Ansible (For major distros you can use package manager to install it otherwise use pip)
  • Vim or any editor of your choice (for creating playbooks)
  • A Centos7 or Fedora 25 Virtual machine is recommended, but having a bare-metal is also fine.
  • Attendees have network access to install packages over network (if not have it pre-installed) also if want to try Cloud-Infra management which hit cloud provider API.

Speaker bio

Praveen Kumar works at Red Hat, in developers tool team where he build tools to help developers to build containerized application.

Shubham works at Red Hat in the Developer Tools team as a software engineer. He contributes to tools facilitating DevOps roles, mostly revolving around containers. He is a Red Hat Certified Architect.



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