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Sumantro Mukherjee


Creating Web VR Apps with AFRAME

Submitted Apr 9, 2017

1.What is WEB VR and WHY should you care?
2.Components of WebVR and Architecture?
3.A small handson!
4.Contributing to Upstream


WebVR , this will be targeted to people who have a mediocre understanding of JS and HTML5. In this we will talk about how they can use three.js + A-frame and create VR on the web. The idea will be get the target audience understanding of the power of JS and how easy it is to create VR content. The hands on will focus on creation of basic VR objects and rendering them. The upstream contribution channel A-frame

[1]Upstream mention [sumantro93 wrote about setting up|]


Understanding of JS and JS libs

Speaker bio

Sumantro hails from India . Currently works at Red Hat , Bangalore as Fedora QA . He evangelizes on open web and Open Source technologies. His FOSS journey started in 2013 with Mozilla where he used to build apps for Firefox OS Marketplace and later became App Reviewer for Global Firefox OS Marketplace. He is currently volunteering as a ReMo at Mozilla where he works with future technologies like VR and Connected Devices also a Fedora Ambassador from India.



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