Miniconf on Cloud Server Management (New Delhi)

On costs, scaling and securing cloud servers

Sapna Upreti


Introduction to AWS EC2

Submitted Oct 31, 2017

Devops are basically in great demand these days and are someone responsible for development and operations and combinedly known as devops. They are someone responsible for development, testing and deployment i.e. managing of servers.
EC2 is really the core or can say heart of the AMAZON Cloud Computing.

In this talk I’m going to look after the operations part and for that I will talk about the EC2.


  • What is EC2?
  • What are it’s features?
  • Why peoples are using this and who are using?
  • Cloud Computing
  • How they are using?


Enthusiasm to learn new things.

Speaker bio

Sapna is a Full Stack Developer at NodeXperts. She is a multi-skilled Javascript (Node JS) professional with rich experience in handling clients communication and building real-time complex web projects, Game Services Development, API development using Node JS (MEAN Stack, Meteor), Databases like Mongo DB, Mysql along with Redis,, Kafka, LAMBDA functions, Server Management(AWS, Digital Ocean along with techniques like Auto Scaling, Load balancers), and front-end frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS.

In her free time she like to sing (not a good singer though) and apart from that like to build logics for some complicated problem.



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