Miniconf on Cloud Server Management (New Delhi)

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Yuvraj Gupta


Configuration Management using Consul-Template

Submitted Nov 17, 2017

The talk focusses on how to use Consul-Template to manage configuration across the servers. It will cover the introduction to Consul and Consul-Template followed with a quick setup on multiple servers. It will then cover a short demo on how we can use Consul and Consul-Template to manage configurations of an application.


  1. Introduction to Consul
  2. Introduction to Consul-Template
  3. Setup of Consul & Consul-Template on server
  4. Using Consul-Template to manage configurations
  5. Q&A


No requirement as it will be a basic talk making everyone aware of Consul & Consul-Template.

Speaker bio

Author of the books “Mastering Elastic Stack” & “Kibana Essentials”. Currently, working as an Infrastructure Engineer at Innovaccer responsible to architect, manage and orchestrate Infrastructure across the organization. Keen Technologist with interest towards Big Data, Dev Ops, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. Love to spend time on various social platforms and contribute by Providing Answers on Stackoverflow, Writing a Blog and Writing answers on Quora.



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