Cloud Costs Optimization

Cloud Costs Optimization

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Anand Chitipothu

@anandology Conference editor

Kailash Nadh

@knadh Moderator

Role of FOSS in optimizing costs of cloud infrastructure

Submitted Jul 24, 2023

The theme of the panel discussion is the role of FOSS in controlling cloud costs. The panel will broadly cover the following topics:

  • Role of FOSS in controlling cloud costs
  • Challenges and risks in adopting FOSS tools
  • Issues with proprietary SAAS tools
  • Self hosting versus managed hosting

Panel moderator

Kailash Nadh is the CTO of Zerodha and one of the founders of FOSS United Foundation. Kailash will moderate the panel discussion.


  1. Deepti Agrawal works as Director of Engineering at Flipkart. She leads the PAAS service group at Flipkart, providing managed services on their hybrid cloud to the engineering teams. Their platform is built on FOSS tools, with enterprise support for some of them.

  2. Ram Bhavaraju is an engineering leader at Ather Energy. He has built Ather’s data platform on GCP driving down the cost of data collection considerably. He has interesting insights about running Kafka and Clickhouse in production, and the pros and cons of self-hosting and using enterprise offerings of them.

  3. Santanu Sinha works as Chief Architect at PhonePe. He built the checkout system at Flipkart, tracking system at Ola and transaction processing system at PhonePe. PhonePe self-hosts most of their infrastructure and run on-premise.

Panel curator

Anand Chitipothu has curated this panel. He is the editor of the conference along with Raghdip Singh Panesar.


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