Choosing datastores

Choosing datastores

Guide on how to select datastores to solve different problems

Apoorv Purohit

Managed MySQL Experience At LinkedIn

Submitted Aug 13, 2021

MySQL is used as a primary data store by a majority of internal tools at LinkedIn. We host over 2000 databases of different use-cases. To support our clients better, we have developed a few tools around MySQL. In this talk we will discuss how our tools improved the developer experience while using MySQL.
We will talk about how a database is requested and provisioned by the clients and how they get access to their respective databases the way they want i.e. from having an all-round admin access for complete control to only read-only access for Select queries. We will also throw some light on the Query Analyzer tool that has helped developers identify and fix their slow queries. Lastly, a brief about how the MySQL servers are highly available for the developers, which is achieved by the MySQL Orchestrator . With these tools in action, we provide the developers a managed MySQL experience at LinkedIn.

Key Points

  • How these tools make life of developers easy when they deal with MySQL
  • How access for MySQL are managed efficiently
  • How QAN adds value
  • How the applications feel negligible glitch when a primary host goes down and is failed over to a replica by orchestrator

Audience Takeaways

  • How we created a Managed MySQL Experience at LinkedIn
  • QAN is open sourced

Session Outline

  • Introduction (1 min)
  • MySQL at LinkedIn (3 min)
    • Basic Infrastructure
    • Different types of use-cases we support
  • How a DB is provisioned on MySQL (3 min)
  • Access Management (6 min)
  • Query Analyzer (6 min)
  • HA powered by MySQL Orchestrator (5 min)
  • Workflow in Motion (3 min)
    • From provisioning to analysing queries
  • Conclusion + Q&A (3 min)


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